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We want to educate people about the power of chiropractic and empower them to live longer, healthier lives.

Momentum Family Chiropractic

 613 Uptown Boulevard, Suite 106
Cedar Hill, TX, 75104 US

Tel: (469) 454-5100


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Hours of Operation

Today 3:30PM - 6:15PM
Wednesday 7:30AM - 10:15AM
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Thursday 3:30PM - 6:15PM
Friday 7:30AM - 10:15AM
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About this maxliving clinic

We believe that being a MaxLiving chiropractor is more than someone who just helps people feel healthy. Through high-quality chiropractic and corrective care, combined with the 5 Essentials, we’re here to empower patients with both knowledge and healing. Trust that your health is in expert hands.

Momentum Family Chiropractic

Services & Benefits

Featured Services/ Servicios Ofrecidos

We are a bilingual Max Living office, and our goal is to deliver personalized care to people of all ages and backgrounds. We value each patient’s unique needs and health goals and strive to offer seminars that are relevant, inspiring and personally applicable.

  • Advanced spinal correction chiropractic care
  • Personalized spinal exercises & rehabilitation
  • Seminars & Workshops designed to meet your needs, from nutrition & weight loss, to goals, detoxification, and more!
  • Community Outreach, supporting local charities
  • High-energy, positive environment
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • In-office MaxT3 workouts - for all levels, in a judgment-free zone!
  • Advanced x-ray analysis (if needed)
  • Specializing in care for adults, pediatrics, seniors, and expectant mothers
  • Recipe nights, designed to bring people together to enjoy healthy meals and create new friendships and connections
  • Customized nutrition plans
  • Customized detox protocols
  • Infrared sauna

Brindamos atención personalizada, realizada por expertos. Valoramos las necesidades únicas y los objetivos de salud de cada paciente y nos esforzamos por ofrecer seminarios que sean relevantes, inspiradores y aplicables personalmente.

  • Atención Quiropráctica Correctiva Específica
  • Ejercicios espinales y rehabilitación
  • Seminarios mensuales de nutrición
  • Charlas y talleres de salud
  • Masaje ortopédico
  • Programas de ejercicio MaxT3
  • Servicios pediátricos
  • Protocolos de nutrición personalizados
  • Protocolos de desintoxicación personalizados
  • Sauna de infrarrojos

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Discover the 5 Essentials

The 5 Essentials is a natural and effective way to align your health. By integrating chiropractic care with our four other powerful essentials —mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise, and minimizing toxins — MaxLiving gives you the tools you need for good health and longevity.

Core Chiropractic

The proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction is central to chiropractic care.

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Nutrition goes beyond weight loss — a healthy diet focused on natural foods improves your body's composition and muscle-to-fat ratio, helping you achieve better health overall to last a lifetime.

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A healthy body starts with the right mindset. We believe a healthy lifestyle supports nutrients for optimal brain function, stress management, and good sleep patterns.

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Oxygen & Exercise

Exercise helps your body increase oxygen levels and lean muscle, helping reduce fat and improve performance while increasing your ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses.

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Minimize Toxins

Minimize Toxins: Harmful chemicals surround us every day in our lives — our program supports the body's natural ability to cleanse itself, resulting in long-lasting positive effects.

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Doctor's Blog

Hear from our leading experts on the topics of health, nutrition, and optimization.

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